Laser Carbon Peel Treatment Dubai

Aesthetics Carbon peel

Carbon peel treatment in Dubai is a highly popular anti-ageing procedure to make the skin soft and youthful. Luxe Medical Clinic offers the best quality carbon peel procedures to treat skin texture irregularities, enlargement of pores, acne scars and other cosmetic conditions. Our laser carbon peel treatment mainly focuses on strengthening and revitalizing your skin. These effective procedures like carbon facial provide essential nutrients to the skin and promote regeneration of cells that naturally improves the overall skin quality.

Being a minimally invasive and comparatively painless procedure, carbon peel laser treatment is a popular cosmetic surgery. With a team of qualified aestheticians and dermatologists, we offer laser carbon peel treatment in Dubai for different body parts such as carbon facial or neck and hands. Our expert team are well-trained in understanding specific skin requirements to administer appropriate carbon peel treatments. Using clinically approved products and equipment, we provide premium quality carbon peel laser treatments in Dubai and the UAE.

Ideal Candidate for Carbon Facial

For anyone wanting to regain their natural glow of skin can go for a carbon facial in Dubai. Our laser carbon peel treatment on the face can help eliminate various ageing signs such as wrinkles, folds, blackheads, whiteheads, among others. Carbon peel effectively removes large pores from the facial skin or if your skin has become saggy due to ageing. People having scars caused by excessive acne problems or surgeries can also get clear skin through carbon peel laser therapy in Dubai.

What Are the Benefits of Carbon Peel Treatment?

  • Exfoliate and enhances the skin.
  • Non-invasive treatment.
  • Tightens and rejuvenates skin.
  • Promotes collagen production.
  • Quick and hassle-free treatment.
  • No downtime.
  • Safe skin treatment.

What Does Laser Carbon Peel Do?


The carbon peel applied on the skin effectively absorbs dust and oil from the open pores, cleansed by peeling of the carbon layer.


In the laser carbon peel treatment in Dubai, the dead skin cells, blackheads and other dust particles get easily exfoliated.


Along with effective cleaning, carbon peel treatment also promotes the production of collagen in the skin that removes all blemishes and makes the skin glow.

Acne Removal

Carbon peel acts on the bacteria and microbes, causing acne on the skin. Through effective oil absorption also helps prevent pimples.

How Does It Work?

In a laser carbon peel treatment, a powerful carbon lotion is applied and extracted using laser equipment. This process ensures deep exfoliation of the skin that removes dirt accumulated in the pores. The natural compounds in the carbon peel promote collagen production that tightens the skin and reduces the pores. Carbon peel treatment in Dubai is highly effective because the treatment solution deeply penetrates inside the skin and thus effectively removes acne. The deep cleansing and tightening by carbon peel also help eliminate visible scars on the skin.

About Lucid Q Carbon Peel

Lucid Q laser carbon peel treatment is a novel procedure for skin rejuvenation and to treat ageing effects. Our carbon peel treatment in Dubai is ideal for all skin types and very safe, with zero downtime. This remarkably gentle treatment is a great way to rejuvenate the skin without the downtime associated with lasers. Carbon peel is an excellent procedure to exfoliate and refresh your skin, providing you with an instant refreshed appearance and leaving skin feeling softer, smoother and firmer. Carbon facial treats enlarged pores, uneven, dull skin tones, acne scars, sun damage, pigmentation including fine lines & wrinkles, pigmented melasma, tattoo removal and hair bleaching.

Carbon Peel Treatment Preparation Tips

Before undertaking a carbon peel laser treatment in Dubai, it is important to prepare your body with some simple care tips. These precautionary steps required for carbon peel therapy mainly depends on your medical history. However, generic preparation measures for laser carbon peel treatment in Dubai involve protection from direct sun, avoiding aspirin, blood thinners, and some specific medicines.

Recovery Tips

Carbon peel treatments in Dubai do not require long downtime for recovery. Based on your skin type and bodily features, you may experience few side effects after a laser carbon peel treatment. The following tips will help reduce the side effects like redness, mild burning sensation and promote quick healing.

  • Be gentle on the treated skin and avoid scrubbing
  • Applying ice bags will provide relief from the burning sensation
  • Prevent direct exposure to the sun
  • Use effective sunscreens prescribed by the dermatologist
  • Apply prescribed medications to the treated skin


Although our carbon peel therapies in Dubai are safe and skin-friendly, they may create some minor temporary effects on the skin, such as:

  • Alteration in your skin colour
  • Mild scars
  • Irritation
  • Infections
  • Herpes regeneration


The laser carbon peel treatment will refresh your skin and remove all freckles, lines, scars and blotches. You will be able to see significant improvement in the skin after the first carbon peel treatment session in Dubai. However, to get the best results, you should undergo a few laser carbon peel sessions at regular intervals. With proper after-care measures and the application of medications, you will get glowing and enhanced skin. The results may vary depending on the person’s bodily characteristics and skin type.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many carbon peel treatment sessions will I need to get good results?

You will notice visible results after the completion of the first laser carbon peel treatment in Dubai. To get the optimum results, we suggest you undergo around three to six sessions at proper intervals.

Is it important to consult before laser carbon peel therapy in Dubai?

Consultation before a laser carbon peel treatment will help you understand the therapy properly and its various effects. It will also be helpful for the dermatologist to understand your skin type and features.

Will carbon peel laser treatment be painful?

Carbon peel treatment in Dubai is widely considered to be painless. It may cause slight irritation and a burning feel due to the laser usage.

How should I wash the face after a carbon facial in Dubai?

Our expert dermatologists will guide you through the proper after-care procedure. As the skin type differs from one person to another, the after-care methods will also vary accordingly.

Are carbon peel therapies in Dubai effective on dark spots?

Laser carbon peel treatment can be used to remove dark spots and marks on the skin. It is also helpful in treating many other skin issues.

What should be the time difference between a consecutive carbon peel session?

Generally, medical practitioners recommend undertaking carbon peel sessions at an interval of four weeks. Our experts will examine and understand your skin properties and correctly suggest the perfect interval for you.