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Aesthetics Fillers

Our normal ageing process, complemented by the polluted environmental conditions and other factors, starts exhibiting various signs on our body, especially on the face. Apart from wrinkles and dynamic lines, facial volume loss is another ageing impact in which your cheeks may become flattened, and overall facial skin starts sagging. Filler Dubai is a popular method to enhance your facial features by externally inserting nutrients through hyaluronic acid injection, which makes your skin voluminous through hydration and softens the creases and lines on it.

The facial fillers are an effective method to remove the gaps developed underneath your skin and tightens it to look younger again. With expert dermatologists and clinicians, we provide result-oriented and safe filler treatment in the UAE that will eliminate your imperfections and give you the flawless look you desire. These anti-ageing treatments can be specifically injected into various parts, such as jawline filler, nose filler, under eye filler, and more to fill the spaces and folds.

Our Service Inclusions

Cheek Filler

This filler treatment targets the facial skin around the cheekbones. It will make your cheeks more voluminous using a hyaluronic acid injection in Dubai.

Lip Filler

Our facial fillers in Dubai can easily give you plumper and carved lips that adds natural beauty to your mouth area. Painless and safe lip filler treatments.

Jawline Contouring

Jawline filler is ideal for getting a perfectly shaped face by slimming your jawlines to give it a precise angle. Personalized jawline contouring as per your face shape.

Nose Filler

Whether you need a smaller nose or wish to make your nasal tip more pointing, nose filler Dubai is the best non-surgical aesthetic nose job method.

Under Eye Filler

Eliminate your dark circles and crow’s feet around your eyes with our under eye filler Dubai. Restore volume in the eye area and make it look fuller and brighter.

Injection Types

Dermal filler Dubai involves hyaluronic acid injection because it is a natural component present in the skin that keeps it hydrated and fluffy. The loss of volume on the face occurs due to the reduction of this compound, which can be restored by externally using under eye filler, jawline filler, nose filler or other facial fillers in Dubai. Depending on the facial area treated, the effect of this gel-type substance may last for around six to twelve months. The common types of hyaluronic acids used are:

  • Teosyal
  • Perlane
  • Juvederm
  • Restylane

Derma Fillers Procedure

Facial Fillers in Dubai involves a simple procedure using a pre-filled syringe and a fine needle. The decision on how deep the hyaluronic acid injection needs to go depends on the type been used and the desired results. If you just need to revive your lost facial glow, filler treatment will be administered superficially to hydrate and enhance the skin. For treating wrinkled or sagging facial skin, deeper dermal filler injections will be used to create volume. In order to make the filler treatment more comfortable, it will be integrated along with anesthetic compounds. After the dermal filler is injected, the practitioner will mould the product by giving a gentle massage in the area. The complete process might take around 20 minutes.

Ideal Candidate for Derma Filler

Both males and females can undergo facial fillers in Dubai. You must have a normal healthy body. To make the filler effective, it is highly advised that the person should be a non-smoker. The smoking habit can inhibit the healing process after filler treatment. Also, the sucking and squinting actions performed while smoking might leave wrinkles around the mouth and make the lip or jawline filler ineffective. The candidate should also not have any form of allergies. This should be declared by providing a clear medical history.

What Are the Benefits of Facial Fillers?

  • Quick results
  • Minimal downtime
  • Easy non-surgical method
  • Long-lasting impact
  • FDA-approved filler treatment
  • Gives a subtle and natural glow
  • Makes the face plumper
  • Hydrates the facial skin
  • Improves your appearance
  • Enhances self-confidence

Preparation Tips

To make the filler treatment effective, it is essential to follow certain strict guidelines. You should refrain from alcohol consumption at least 24-hours before going for facial fillers in Dubai. It is also suggested to avoid blood-thinning compounds, medication and herbal supplements. Another factor to be careful about is your intake of sodium before or after the treatment. Avoid having salty foods during the treatment period as this can cause swelling.

What You Should Know About The Treatment


The needle used in the hyaluronic acid injection in Dubai majorly depends on your skin thickness. Local anesthesia may be used in some cases to make it comfortable.

During Surgery

As facial fillers in Dubai contain local anesthesia, this makes the treatment comfortable in sensitive areas like chin filler, under eye filler, and more.


Although the process will be painless, filler Dubai can sometimes cause bruises or swelling that subsides in few days. You will be fully fine within a week time.


With facial fillers in Dubai, such as nose filler, jawline filler, and more, you can enhance your features and make the skin wrinkle-free, plumping, and young.

Filler Treatment FAQs

Does filler involve safe compounds?

Mostly facial fillers include hyaluronic acid injection Dubai in various forms based on the desired results. This compound is safe as it’s naturally present under the skin, and it plays a major role in keeping it hydrated and voluminous.

What are the common side effects that come with facial fillers?

As an aesthetic or cosmetic treatment will involve some side effects, facial filler can cause minor discomfort and impact. After filler Dubai treatment, the most common effects are slight paining sensation, bruises, swelling or redness in the affected area. Sometimes people with highly sensitive skin might experience bumps. However, all these effects will go away in a week.

Are lip fillers an effective method?

Yes, filler Dubai is a proven procedure to make the lips fuller and plumper. If you have thin lips or wish to give them an attractive shape, lip fillers can be instrumental for this purpose.

What is the validity of filler treatment effects?

Usually, the facial fillers in Dubai will last for many months. But this majorly depends on the area been treated and the person’s bodily characteristics. If you revisit the doctor in a timely manner and at the correct interval for repeated filler sessions, then you will be able to retain the results for long.

Where can facial fillers be used?

Dermal fillers are a simple and effective way to boost your facial features using hyaluronic acid injection Dubai. It can be used in various areas such as under-eye filler, nose filler, jawline filler, and more to make them voluminous and well-defined.

How fast will the filler effects show up?

Immediately after facial fillers in Dubai, you will see slight improvements in the skin. The full effect of the treatment will be unveiled within two-four weeks.

Do I need to perform any nose filler after-care procedures?

There are no general after-care tips involved in facial filler treatments. You can get back to your normal activities after few hours. However, for about a few weeks, you should avoid extreme heat or cold conditions as this can impair the healing process

Is it safe to get under eye filler?

In under-eye treatment, the hyaluronic acid injection Dubai is inserted into the lower eyelids to make them fuller. It is highly safe, but only a professional dermatologist can determine if its suitable for you according to your medical conditions and other factors.