PRP Therapy Dubai

Aesthetics PRP

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP Therapy have gained much popularity in Dubai because of its effective regenerative effect based on the natural compounds produced in the body. We offer professional PRP therapies for natural healing of skin-related issues like acne scarring, facial dynamic line, vitiligo and hair growth problems. PRP facial treatment can help you regain the radiance and glow of your natural skin that might be lost due to ageing or other environmental effects. The medical experts at Luxe Medical Clinic are highly experienced in offering extremely professional and painless PRP therapies to patients of different age.

This fully natural rejuvenating technique makes PRP hair treatment an efficient way to promote quick hair growth in individuals. The platelet-rich plasma extracted from the blood is injected into the scalp surface that lacks hair follicles, which safely promote hair regrowth. PRP for hair loss treatment is widely used by both men and women in Dubai due to its remarkable results in stimulating new hair follicle growth. We offer PRP therapy at a highly reasonable price to help you easily avail quality treatments in the UAE.

Signs & Symptoms

PRP Dubai can help improve the overall skin condition by plumping sagging areas, softening wrinkles and deep fold lines, and volumizing the entire skin surface. However, PRP therapy is also effective in solving severe skin conditions like vitiligo, causing visible discolouration across the body and hair. The common symptoms of vitiligo include:

  • Discolouration of skin that initially becomes visible on the face, hand, body opening surfaces and genitals.
  • Patchy discolouration of tissue that lines your nose and mouth surfaces
  • Premature greying of your body hairs on head, beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

Our PRP Treatment Procedure

PRP therapy at Luxe Medical Clinic involves injecting a concentrated formula of your blood platelets, which makes it rich in growth factors. All of our PRP treatment in Dubai will involve a simple procedure using your bodily components for skin or hair plasma-based treatments. The practitioner will take some blood from your body, process it using a mechanical device to separate the platelets from red blood cells and white blood cells. This makes the concentration of platelets three to four times higher than the normal level. After this simple process, which takes around 10 minutes, the clear platelet-rich plasma is ready to inject back into places where you require PRP Dubai.

The PRP therapy will get activated and release healing proteins called growth factors. These growth factors are vital in accelerating tissue repair and regeneration that plays a major role in PRP facial and PRP hair treatment solutions in Dubai. When PRP is injected into the skin, the injection entry point causes a small wound that activates the platelets and lets them work repairing the tissue or hair plasma in that area. The body is encouraged to effectively use its processes in the treated area, thus making PRP for hair and skin more successful.

Ideal Candidate for PRP Dubai

For availing of PRP facial or PRP hair treatment in Dubai, you should have normal health with no medical conditions that may hinder the process. PRP therapy is the best solution for individuals who have ageing signs like wrinkles on their skin and acne scars. PRP facial treatment can also help solve severe patchy discolouration caused by damage in the sub-optimal surface tissue.

What Are the Benefits of PRP Treatment?

  • Complete rejuvenation of skin or hair
  • PRP therapy can treat delicate and sensitive areas
  • PRP includes natural growth stimulators
  • Completely safe procedure
  • Minimal or no side effects
  • Effective for acne scars
  • Simple anti-ageing treatment
  • PRP for hair or skin gives long-lasting results
  • Effective anti-inflammatory solution

Why Choose Us?

Skin-Safe Treatments

We offer safe and effective PRP therapy in Dubai for skin or hair using your blood plasma. These proteins and growth stimulants extracted from your body are highly safe.

Natural-Looking Results

Our PRP facial or PRP hair treatment will help you gain natural and subtle results as it involved no external chemical compounds or complex surgeries.

Experienced Dermatologist

We have an extensive team of certified dermatologists and clinicians with long practical experience. They are highly skilled in offering PRP therapy with complete care.

Modern Tools & Techniques

Using industry-best equipment and tools used for PRP Dubai, we ensure you get the best results through our PRP for hair or PRP facial treatments.

PRP Therapy FAQs

Will PRP therapy cause any pain?

Mostly our PRP Dubai patients say that the process is painless and only causes minor discomfort and soreness. However, to be on the safer side, we also administer pain relief medication to our patients if they require it.

Are there any side effects involved in PRP facial and PRP hair treatment Dubai?

As the PRP injections may cause small injury to the blood vessel, it leaves a slight risk of bleeding or infections. While sometimes, patients also experience more discomfort and pain in the PRP treated area, but this is quite temporary.

Can PRP Dubai cause any allergies?

PRP therapy involves the use of plasma extracted from the patient's blood. However, rarely some individuals may witness certain adverse reactions to PRP injections.

Do PRP therapy Dubai injections include any chemicals?

PRP hair treatment or PRP facial solutions are completely natural, as it includes pure blood plasma taken from the patient's body. These growth stimulants then promote rapid healing and repair in the body surface.

What can be treated using PRP Dubai?

PRP therapy is used for treating various aesthetic and hair plasma issues in the body. Right from acne scars, dynamic lines, or other ageing signs on the face to severe skin disorders like vitiligo can be treated using PRP solutions.

How long will it take to undergo a PRP facial or PRP hair treatment in Dubai?

On average, the PRP therapy might take around two to three hours that includes everything, treatment, and recovery. Our practitioners will take blood from your body in this time frame, extract plasma platelets through centrifuging, and then inject it into your body.

Who should avoid PRP therapy Dubai?

Although PRP is a natural treatment method, it cannot be administered to individuals with certain medical conditions. This includes high-level anaemia, low blood platelet count, platelet abnormality, active cancer and some infection.

Will PRP treatment result stay for long?

The validity of effects gained from PRP therapy Dubai is highly subjective and mainly depends on the person's bodily characteristics. Various factors such as your inherent disease condition or any injury history and recovery status will influence the overall PRP impact and delay in getting results. While for some the PRP treatment effect may stay for months, and others might have it year-long.